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Tony Magee Comments on Supreme Court’s Patent Venue Ruling in Two Legal Publications


In a much-anticipated decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that venue in IP infringement lawsuits is limited to where the defendant is incorporated, or where it has an established place of business and has infringed the patent(s) in question. “This decision could well have far-reaching and, possibly, unintended consequences,” the firm’s Tony Magee told The Texas Lawbook. “Other venues, such as the currently corporation-friendly State of Delaware, may soon be inundated with an unanticipated deluge of patent infringement suits washed out of the Eastern District of Texas.” In an interview with Law360, Mr. Magee noted that if patent holders can’t reach national manufacturers of infringing products, “they may take indirect aim at them by suing the big box retailers who sell their products within the district.”

Read the Texas Lawbook article here.

Read the Law360 article here.


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